We are committed to seeing people reach their maximum potential.

The high-end knowledge industry is currently inundated with outdated practices and inefficient market mechanisms that hinders individuals and firms from reaching their full potential.

We believe the market is ripe for disruption.

Our goals with Skillsapien are to:

  • Transform the high-end skills market through introducing disruptive transparency and liquidity for the buying and selling of knowledge services
  • Bringing market forces of supply & demand in real-time to determine the best matching engagement and service value
  • Improve choice, flexibility and autonomy for both buy and sell sides
  • Empower those with skills to reach their greatest potentials, both in market value and personal fulfilment
  • Empower open and transparent accountability of service providers

We aim to achieve these goals by:

  • Providing a simple, intuitive system to instant visualize availability, reputation, credentials and client rating of services providers, so buyers can qualify
  • potential providers in hours or days, rather than weeks or months
  • Providing a simple yet effective scheduling and booking to transact bookings, reducing friction and costs in fulfilment and increasing value for users
  • Improving provider utilization, value and choice, ideally well into the future
  • Improving market insights into skill supply and demand – more quickly and ahead of time so to minimize disruptive shortages or wasteful oversupply

This has the effect of empowering greater value for both the buyer and the provider, while inspiring others to lift themselves to achieve similar value.

Skillsapien.com is the online platform where such professionals can buy and sell slices of their time, worldwide.
Leveraging our offline networks, we operate an online rated-and-ranked capacity marketplace for high-end professional services.
Or, in simpler terms, we are the "Airbnb" + "Yelp" for consultants, lawyers, business advisors, interim executives and coaches.
We aim to make engaging and booking such professionals as easy as booking airline tickets.
Which in turn increases choice, utilization and value for both service buyers and sellers.

Why does this matter?

Being able to effectively utilize highly in-demand skills, toward the most rewarding clients or projects, has always been one of the greatest challenges facing the global knowledge industry.

Demand and supply across the professional services markets (both freelancing and working as part of a firm) has always been very opaque and prone to regional distortions or one-sided manipulation. People traditionally have dealt with this through manual-intensive mediums such as agency / brokerages, high volume prospecting, time-consuming negotiations, sometimes even just on sheer gut-instinct.

The more in-demand a skill-set is, the greater this problem becomes; even more so for skills required across multiple geographies or markets.